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Norfolk Punch Ginger

Norfolk Punch Ginger

“Poetry in a Bottle” – From the poet’s village comes a celebration of the great Australian poet Henry Kendall. A delicious old time blend of ginger, elder flower, nutmeg, cloves, chamomile, apple, lemon, thyme, and poppy seed.
In the beautiful environment of forest glades, mountains and the meandering Camden Haven River, Henry Kendall found inspiration for many of his famous poems.
Apart from his poetry, he was also famous for his prodigious ‘thirst’. His wife Charlotte would assist him in his ‘battle of the bottle’ by creating satisfying drinks that were non-alcoholic, many of which contained warming spices and nourishing fruits.
The pleasure of Charlotte’s traditional drinks is now revived for you in Ginger Bliss. The village of Kendall was so named in honour of the poet in 1891.
The ideal accompaniment for a meal as an alcohol-free wine substitute, the lemon and ginger basis of Ginger Bliss provides the refreshing palate cleaning of a dry wine. Also very refreshing served chilled or with a dash of soda water.

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