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  • Bringing back Nostalgia in a bottle

    Research has shown a strong connection with taste and memory meaning that one's most intimate details can come flooding back at the smell and taste of particular foods and subsequently evoke delicious feelings of nostalgia.

    Nostalgia is a powerful state of mind and one that psychologists have found elicits feelings of elation and euphoria. Taste can evoke memories which promote those sentimental feelings and bring about a state of happiness.

    It is not surprising then that there has been a revival of retro foods such as bangers & mash, apple pie with cream and corned beef. It seems that people are longing for flavours and traditions of yesteryear - possibly because they are craving a life more simple.

    This resurgence of retro foods was in part what led us to develop a traditional Sarsaparilla tonic, using a recipe from the 1800’s that brings back memories of a time gone by for many.

    Natural Remedy Tonic's Sarsaparilla combines the traditional elements of yesteryear, using premium high concentration herbal extracts carefully formulated to be pleasant tasting - minus the sugar. Today's Sarsaparilla drinks are sugar-laden, containing up to 70% added sugars, with artificial flavours and added 150d caramel colouring the make the drink black. We're formulated Sarsaparilla to be possibly the first in the world with no added refined sugars or 150d colour - with natural sweetness and colour coming from liquorice, molasses and brown pears. Now you can enjoy 'Nostalgia in a Bottle' guilt free - enjoy!